This project will involve nude pictures of several women, with painted lines to delineate muscle groups, "cut here" lines, and the occasional "USDA Approved" stamp.
The pictures will be imagemaps, and clicking on one of the outlined muscles will bring up the name of the muscle, techniques for removal, recipes, etc.
Next, there will be a section on organs, with removal instructions and recipes, but no actual pictures (why waste a perfectly good naked female model, just to take pictures of her corpse?).
Finally, some health warnings to avoid the common mistakes that have killed so many fresh young cannibals in the past.

I am in need of female models for this project (I have 3 potentials, but more would be better). The successful applicant will be slender, but with muscles that are toned (so the muscle groups are fairly visible in the pictures). She should also like the idea of seeing her naked body on the internet, displayed in such a way that if someone clicks on her ass, they get a recipe for preparing the gluteus muscles, and so on...