Flames will feed on the marrow from their bones.
Their flesh shall host corruption, maggots and worms.
Death they have given, and it shall be returned to them tenfold, to their brothers and sons, their wives and daughters.

What? Are you trying to say that that means I'M a raving psychotic?
You are, aren't you?
They all hate me! They ALWAYS hated me!
But I got them, oh yes, they won't be prophesizing any more, not until bones can speak!

I told them it would get out of hand, they all thought it would be a fun game, a way to convince people to follow the status quo and give them all comfortable livings. They didn't realize that people as stupid as the Israelites would believe ANYTHING, if it gave them a reason to feel superior to everyone else. The "Chosen Ones"... What a laugh. They couldn't even feed themselves without us going out every night and throwing bread on the ground. Manna, right...Feh!

Moses was one hell of a talker, though, I mean, convincing Pharoah to give up his cheap labor pool was quite a feat, even if the guy figured it out as soon as they left and sent his whole army after them. That trick with the Red Sea, I never figured that one out. A very convincing act that Moses guy could put on when he put his mind to it.