1. The Lords came to me last night as I slept, and they did speak of the end, and these were their words.
2. And in the final days, a great rock shall smite the earth, falling from the heavens in flames. The seas shall rise, and the ground will bring forth fire and deadly vapors.
3. And the Brothers Grymme shall ride across the land on silver horses, carrying death and destruction to all in their path.
4. And when asked to where they travel the Riders shall say "To the end of all worlds", and only those who bear the Sign shall be spared from their touch.
5. And I saw these things reflected in the light of the Lords as they spoke to me, and my heart did tremble and my spirit wail as all that I knew did end.
6. And still they spoke to me, and told me of what was to follow the Riders. And their light descended upon me again, and I beheld their words as a vision.
7. I saw my world, parched and crumbling, during the Final Ride of the Brothers Grymme. Not a tree withstood them, nor bird outflew, all fell before them. Those few who were marked with Their Sign, and were spared, joined with them, riding next to them on shining horses across the burning sands.
8. With each who joined, their destruction spread faster, until a legion swept through the skies, and their faces were terrible to behold. Lightning flashed between them, and blood dripped from their hands.
9. Three days it took, and all life was returned to the dust from whence it came, and the Brothers did then rest.
10. And as they rested in the dark night, the sands erupted with insects and corruption, rot and decay. and it did assail the Riders and try to destroy them.
11. But they stood firm in their beliefs and the servants of the Foul One could not harm them, nor the filth mar them.
12. And when the morning came, they still stood, not a single Rider had forsaken his post.