Grymme Writings
A lot of you are going to be offended by some of the things you might read here. Good. If someone isn't offended, it just isn't worth the effort. We take no responsibility for your narrow-minded, ultra-conservative, religious-fanatic, annoying-as-all-hell-to-the-rest-of-us upbringing.

The Magic Lead Pipe of Peace, a children's story for twisted little fucks who are into revenge.
(We're currently looking for an illustrator for this story. If you're interested, send us mail.)

The Shaolin: Priests, or animal abusers? The Brothers Grymme try their hand at investigative reporting.

Meditation A nice relaxation exercise. Read it, memorize it, and live by it.

Musings... Amazing the things 11 hours of suffering fools gladly can inspire.

The Apocalypse According to Marcus, a Prophecy that will be fulfilled when the Day comes.